Unnamed Ranchito

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Unnamed Ranchito

My first ever land purchase, and I’m pretty excited about it! It’s not exactly huge at 17 acres, but let’s call it a gateway ranch. It has tons of potential. Only an hour from Dallas right off of Richland Chambers Reservoir. Name is still TBD so comment your suggestions if you have any.

Hierarchical Permalinks based on a relationship between 2 custom Post Types

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I recently was working on a project where I had two custom Post Types with a parent/child relationship between them. Here’s an example: Custom Post Type “Brand” where values such as “Apple” or “Samsung” could be saved. Custom Post Type “Product” where values such as “iPhone or “Galaxy” could be saved. I used the plugin Types Toolset to […]

WordPress Shortcode for embedding multiple YouTube videos using the JavaScript API and including custom Google Analytics Events

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Well, that title is a mouthful, let me explain. Recently I had the need to create a shortcode to embed YouTube videos, no problem right? Well, lets introduce a few more variables. First we want to fire custom Google Analytics events on video play, pause and complete which is easy enough to work into the […]

IP address geolocation and distance calculation

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During a discovery conversation with a client, an interesting question was brought up. The client hosted seminars all over the globe which they listed on a content page within their website. During feature brainstorming  someone said “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could show them the closest seminar to their location?” The client quickly began […]

HTML5 Font Editor – Glyphr Studio

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While I’m not exactly a designer and I don’t have a ton of reasons to create or edit fonts, this HTML5 font editor is really cool. I just used it to create some simple UI icons as a font pack and it worked really well. Plus it’s free, online, and written in HTML5! Check it […]

Mobile Image Upload Orientation

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Working on a responsive website which had image upload functionality I came across some issues with mobile image uploads. When images were uploaded to the website from a mobile device’s camera roll they would often be incorrectly oriented, turned sideways, upside down, etc. After a little research I found out this is due to EXIF […]

Lorem Ipsum, Sam Jackson Style

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Always on the lookout for comedic placeholder stuff, lorem ipsum, images, etc. I stumbled across another great find. If unintelligible latin as placeholder text has left you bored and confused, introducing Samuel L. Ipsum! Samuel L. Ipsum will create a specified number of paragraphs—just like standard lorem ipsum—but instead of latin it will select from […]

The Wait For My Tessel

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I’ve supported the launch of this amazing company and their really cool hardware by pre-purchasing the Tessel Master Pack. Their initial goal to launch was $50,000 in pre-orders (which they hit in only 3 hours) and now they are well over $100,000. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this thing and […]

Funny Placeholder Image Tools

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Dave Cowart has made a great suite of funny placeholder image tools for development. They work off of URL requests which return an image based on variables in the URL string. While this has been done before, his group of tools provides humor while developing which I think is great. There are three different websites […]

One of the most undescriptive errors I have ever seen

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While importing a large MySQL database through PHPMyAdmin on a MAMP local server during the process of migrating a website I received one of the least descriptive errors I have ever seen. The error is actually kind of funny to me, but it tells me absolutely nothing about what caused the error. #2006 – MySQL […]

Devyz (working title)

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So I have been working on a self-motivated project that I think I’m going to call Devyz for the last week or so and have finally had the time to get it to a version 1.0, which is about the minimum I feel comfortable putting it on the internet for other people to pick at […]

Haiku Error Messages (I didn’t write)

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I also found these funny error messages during that same research for quotes about programming. Some of them are pretty funny.   Three things are certain: Death, taxes, and lost data. Guess which has occurred. Everything is gone; Your life’s work has been destroyed. Squeeze trigger (yes/no)? Windows NT crashed. I am the Blue Screen […]

Funny “Laws” and Observations

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While I was doing some research on quotes about programming I came across this list of funny laws that were too good not to share. Anthony’s Law of Force: Don’t force it; get a larger hammer. Anthony’s Law of the Workshop: Any tool when dropped, will roll into the least accessible corner of the workshop. […]

Secret Agent Man! (Just my business cards)

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I just got my Brand Agent business cards in. I have to tell you, these things are pretty awesome! This might be reason enough to have taken the job here. In case you’re wondering, that IS my real thumb printed on the card.

Decoupling your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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I just read this pretty good article on a good way of thinking about how to separate structure(HTML), style(CSS), and behavior (JavaScript) layers of your web projects. This is especially helpful on larger projects where multiple developers are modifying different pieces of code. It is a good framework to think about when trying to keep […]

Google Views – a Great Distraction

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Google just recently launched the Google Views section of their maps application. It offers 360° views of interesting locations and amazing sights taken from around the world during their Street View efforts. It also has 360° views of additional locations submitted by users. Now I am not usually on to encourage reduced productivity during mine, or anyone […]